Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trader Joe Find #2 - Garlic Naan & Veg Masala

Okay... so I am going to start posting my great finds at Trader Joes... you know, stuff that you wouldn't normally taste or buy, but that is TOTALLY worth getting!

Some of you may have already discovered alot of great things at Trader Joe's! Please feel free to share those on here!

I last posted the croissant find!
Now, I have found a vegetarian little number that, seriously, I can't get enough of!!! It is Indian, so it has a bit of a bite to it, a little spicy, but for me it is really perfect! My Trader Joe's had a tasting of the two of these together, Garlic Naan and Vegetable Masala and oh my.... I had to buy it on the spot. Just got my second round this morning!

This takes like 6 minutes to make. I put my oven on Broil and spray the Naan with a little olive oil and put it in.
Then I turn on my skillet to med high heat, spray with olive oil and put down the veg masala. I set the clock for 3 minutes and then turn both of them and set it for another 3.
Thats it. Fast, easy, and OH SO GOOD!!!

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