Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am living and grocery shopping in a big city. So, I have a challenge... the type of freshness and beauty that I saw when I lived in Italy is not on every street corner in a city.

Seriously, like once a day, you can find a market with fresh fruits and veggies, baked goods and grains.

Now, I believe in my heart of hearts that I will find local freshness and goodness. I have found small pieces of heaven in the form of Trader Joe's. I have really been able to find some great freshness and some unbelievable breads and wines there. I will start sharing my great finds with you all!

Not only that, but there are farmers markets out there for us to utilize! It really can be possible to buy fresh foods within 150 miles of your home! Try farmersmarket.com to find what is near you. Be sure to look under the directory to find your market!

But most importantly, I will be bringing you guys good recipes. Really good food and hopefully a place you can keep coming back to! But don't worry, I am not going crazy and I will still use what I have to get a recipe done. But this is my promise to do all I can to make the move to a more natural way of eating and living and a more natural way of thinking!

I believe that if we all make an effort to go natural, if we stop buying prepackaged and artificial, we will force the big companies to make the change to natural. To give us back good food. Healthy food. It is our job to give our bodies clean, healthy, good fuel... and to give it to our children.

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