Tuesday, January 26, 2010


There are lots of different ways to make Tiramisu in each region of Italy. But this is a recipe that I got from my husband's sister-in-law, Simonetta, from central Italy in the Marche Region. It is the best tiramisu that I have EVER had... Seriously!


What you need:
4 eggs
1 container of Mascarpone
A cup of cooled espresso (we use Lavazza and LOVE it)
(You can use a regular cup of coffee is you don't have espresso... but its not as good!)
A small container of whipping cream
1/3 cup of sugar
Cocoa for dusting

First things first, make your coffee and set it aside to cool. 

I crack all the eggs and use only the yellow parts for my tiramisu. (Lots of people will use the egg white instead of cream. Save them if you plan on doing this. I prefer cream because it is a smoother, creamier texture).
The original recipe from my sister in law only calls for 2 eggs for this size tiramisu. I use 4 because it adds a richer flavor (sometimes I even use 6!)
If you are doubling this recipe, use 8 eggs for a richer recipe. 

Pour 1/3cup of sugar over the eggs and start mixing with a large spoon.

This process will take about 10 minutes to get it right.
This is NOT ready:

You will need to mix it with your spoon for 10 minutes. You can use an electric hand mixer if you are in a hurry and it works great! I personally feel that using the spoon, you really incorporate the sugar better. I mix and scrape the sides, mix and scrape the sides. You are able to break up the sugar and mix it into the eggs. The eggs and sugar will grow and get smooth and light in color.
THIS is ready:

Now you can add your marcapone into the egg mixture and set it aside. Just put the whole container in and mix it up and set it aside. If your marscapone is lumpy, it is just because it is too cold, no worries, just set the mix to the side and let it warm up. It will smooth out when you come back to it. Another tip for this is to set out the marscapone and hour before you start your tiramisu. 

Now you will need to whip your cream. I use a hand mixer for this. I use a small regular or heavy whipping cream. Now, if I were doubling this recipe, I would use 16 oz. of heavy or regular whipping cream.

Pour it in a bowl and began whipping it on high speed. It will come to a peak pretty quickly; within a minute or 2!

Now you pour your egg and mascarpone mixture into your whipped cream. (The magic begins!!!)

Just fold it all together,  it should be nice and smooth.

On to your coffee and lady fingers.
Pour your cooled coffee into a shallow bowl or plate and begin dipping your lady fingers. You really just want to touch each side into the coffee. DON'T DUNK IT or sit it in the coffee. It absorbs so much so fast!
(click on the picture to see it larger)

I use a deep square glass dish with a lid. I like to make my tiramisu 2 layered. You can do as many or as few layers as you wish.
Now you can begin placing them in your dish. Cover the entire bottom of the dish with cookies.

Then pour half of the mixture on top of that. It will look like this:

Then you basically repeat.
Layer your cookies on top

Then pour the rest of the mixture on top of that

Now is when the Cocoa comes into play. I use a little sifter to sprinkle the chocolate on top of the tiramisu. Make sure you cover every single part, but only a dusting, don't make it too thick or it will have a chalky taste. You just want a light layer.

Then you have a masterpiece!!!

Here's side view, because its just to pretty not to share!

Put it in the fridge and wait about 24 hours. It needs to set and have the cookies absorb the moisture from the cream. Its so good, you won't be able to stop eating it!
Buon Appetito!


Bonus Idea:
You can add a liqueur to your coffee or use a liqueur only, if you don't like coffee!
Any kind you want! Fruit flavors, chocolate flavors... TOTALLY UP TO YOU!
There is an amazing italian cherry liqueur that would be great too and you can top with cherries. That is the beauty of this desert; you can customize it to your taste!


  1. Hey Beth!

    Ok,I just finished my first batch. I am serving it tomorrow to some people you know. So I hope it turns out as yummy as it sounds!


  2. Beth, I made this last night. I used biscotti (plain with no nuts) instead of lady fingers because I couldn't find them at the store I went to. I also put 2 tablespoons of kahlua in with the espresso. It turned out awesome. I would share a pic but I didn't divide the cream evenly and only had enough of the second half to barely cover the top, lol. It wasn't very pretty. :-( But it tastes great! Thanks for the awesome recipe.

  3. So glad to hear Denise!
    I think the star of this dish is the mascarpone & cream... I imagine you could use it for anything and it would be good!