Monday, January 4, 2010


I had a friend ask me yesterday what Olive Oil I use in my house.
Here you go!

Here are the reasons why. This oil is not expensive and I use alot of it. Plus, it is COLD PRESSED... According to The Olive Oil Source (great site on Olive Oil in general) when the oil is cold pressed the flavor is not degraded by the heating process.

Okay... now I don't know the facts on this or even if it is proven or not, but I have just found in my experience that Olive Oil I put in plastic does not taste as good as Olive Oil in glass or tins. So, I buy this one for the fact there is ALOT and it is stored in tin. (poke a hole in the top of the tin, makes pouring easier) I use a glass bottle to make it manageable to use in my home.

I got my bottle at the World Market. LOVE THAT STORE!!!
Now, for the good stuff!!!

Okay, I LOVE all things Peperoncino (red pepper)! So, I make my own spicy olive oil to put on my pastas and to use in cooking. Now, if you are a lover of spicy oil and don't want to pay $8 a bottle, try this!

Glass Bottle
Cold-Pressed Olive Oil (CPOO ;)
Dried Red Pepper or Dried Red Pepper Flakes

With the red pepper or peperoncino, it really doesn't matter if you use the whole pepper or the flakes. I brought some back from Italy and had a friend get some more for me while they were there, so I guess I prefer it whole. It is WAY spicier and not as colorful. Makes me wonder if they put dye in our red pepper flakes in America.... I would not be surprised.
Any who, I cut them in half when I put them in the bottle, just to release the fire! But do what you want, put them in whole, use flakes only... its all spicy!

Okay now all you have to do is just pour the olive in in with the flakes. And you are done.
Be sure to let it sit for at least a day before you use it just so it can infuse with the oil. I sometimes will shake it up occasionally. I don't know if it does anything, but its what I do!

(Sorry the bottle is a little messy, I use this ALOT!)
Stay tuned for my FAVORITE pasta recipe later today featuring peperoncino!!!!


  1. Love this Idea, do you think it would work with jalapeƱo peppers? Found your site from you friend's mom in Grants Pass. Love the site and the photos are excellent.

  2. You know... I am sure it would work. I would put in dried jalapeno peppers. It would just change the taste of the oil... but if you prefer the jalapeno flavor, go for it!