Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Who does not love homemade potato chips? I was at a birthday party recently and the host made homemade chips. They were so good! So, last night, when I saw a few potatoes that were almost over ripe, I decided to make them myself!
And really, it is so easy and not that messy.


Slicer (if you don't have a slicer you can use a potato peeler to make your chips)
Potato (I recommend using sweet potatos, much healthier option. But I had Russet in the house and just used what I had)
Oil (I recommend using Sunflower Oil)
Sea Salt (Fine ground)
Vinegar (optional)

Cut your potatos in half. It makes them way easier to manage.

Start slicing! Now, you can set slicers to different thicknesses. You just choose what you want. I did it really thin because that is the way my husband likes it. But you can cut fries or thick chips. Slice it anyway you want!

Now is the time to put your oil on the stove. I don't use alot of oil, I like to fry the potatoes in small quantities. I find it easier to handle. I set my flame to about a 7. Oils have different smoke points, so it is good to look up what oil you are using and what degree the oil should be heated to. You don't want to reach smoke point, your oil goes from good to bad... read about it here.
I put in one slice when I put on my oil and then go back to slicing the rest. When you see the slice bubbling, usually this means your oil is ready!

When your oil is ready, it is time to drop in your slices. I like to drop them in one by one, it minimizes the splashes. But you can drop in handfuls and separate them with a fork. However you want to do it!
I do them in small batches, just easier for me to handle.

When you drop them in the oil, they will start browning on the edges pretty quickly. So, after the first batch, you will get a good idea on time. Here is what they look like when they are almost ready.

So, now you need to scoop them out. I use a slotted oversized ladle type spoon. Here is one that would work great!
Mine are pretty browned here... you can pull them out whenever you want, but remember they crisp up once the oil drains off. Don't overcook them, they burn easily.

I just make sure that I have a cookie sheet covered in a towel, paper towels or napkins. Something to absorb all that oil. Once you have them spread out, add a pinch of salt right away and let them cool.

Once your done you will have a great homemade snack or a party favor. These are not super light, that is true, but if you like to enjoy chips every once and a while, it is much better to make them yourself and know what your eating.
Doing them with Sweet Potatoes and Sunflower Oil is a healthier option and one I HIGHLY recommend, even if you don't like sweet potatoes... you will be surprised how great these are!

You can add malt vinegar and salt for a boardwalk taste that will make you think your at the beach in Delaware!

"My friends that opened up a Cafe in Anderson,SC made some amazing sweet potato chips like that served with a blue cheese dressing on the side...yummo!"

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  1. +1 on the sweet potato option. Hit it with salt while they are hot and a bit of fresh parmesan cheese grated over the top. Yum!