Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In honor of Cinqo di Mayo I am posting one of our favorite dishes! Quesadillas!
These are simple to make and a family favorite in our household!!!


Tortilla Shells
Taco Seasoning
Mushrooms (optional)

Meet my favorite new kitchen gadget!!!
My oil mister!
Saves me tons on Non Stick Spray and it is far healthier and a greener way to cook!

I heat up my pan for cooking the chicken and give it a quick oil spray.
I like to put my chicken down on a hot pan or grill!

Cook it up!

Cut, Clean and slice your red, yellow, orange and/0r green peppers.
(I prefer red, I think they are tastier and a touch sweeter)

Then cut up your onions.

I heat up the pan and then throw in the onions and peppers together with a little spray of oil.

Next step is to cut up the chicken, throw it back into the skillet you cooked it in.
Add a half a cup of water and a sprinkle (or more) of taco seasoning.

Next, I put the tortilla on a hot skillet, add cheese, meat and veggies.
I let the cheese melt a bit then close the tortilla and flip it over.

I like to add jalapenos!!! Spicy is good!

I serve mine with a side of sour cream, and some homemade guacamole!
(Recipe coming!!!)

This is so good, it will become a weeknight kind of meal! 

I dice up the cooked onion and peppers and add them into the cheese.
Melt it all together with chicken on top. My kids love it and are healthier for it!!!
I also serve it with a side of crispy carrots and some organic ketchup (corn syrup free!). Another thing kids love! ;)


  1. Yum! Where did you get that grill thing that you cooked the chicken on?

  2. Its Calphalon!
    Here is a link to one. I LOVE IT!!!