Saturday, February 8, 2014

Amoretto Tiramisu

This is the absolute best version of Tiramisu I have ever had!!! I tasted something similar at a restaurant in Piancavallo and decided I had to make one myself! 

What you need:
6 egg yolks (for a lighter flavor, use 4, but I love this to have a rich flavor, so I use 6)
4 Tbsp of sugar in the raw
Amoretti Cookies
Marscapone cream (room temp)
Cold panna (whipping cream)
Amoretto for drizzling or drinking ;)
1/2 cup of cooled espresso coffee

1. Beat your egg yolks and sugar together. You want this to become light and smooth. I probably do it about 3 minutes, but it really varies. 
2. Add the marscapone to the mix and mix it up. 
(If your marscapone is too cold it may appear lumpy. I have found taking out the marscapone an hour before or using fresh is the best bet.)
3. In a separate bowl, beat your panna until it comes to a peak and then fold it into your egg yolk and marscapone mixture. 
4. Go ahead and line your pan or container or whatever your making your dish in (you can even do single servings if your having a dinner party) with the amoretti cookies. Drizzle a couple of spoonfuls of espresso and then drizzle a little amoretto too. (You don't want them to be completely soaked like you would with traditional tiramisu. This really will absorb the moisture of your cream mix.)
5. Spoon the cream mix and then do another layer of cookies with the drizzlings. 
6. Top with crunched up amoretti cookies and chill. 
Serve and Enjoy!!!! 


  1. I want to try this. You describe it perfectly, seems easy enough to do!

  2. What are the American ingredients? I want to make this for Tracey.

  3. You should be able to find these in America!