Friday, March 5, 2010


Okay... I didn't make only 6 1/2 cupcakes, I made cupcakes to celebrate my son turning 6 1/2!!!!
Since his birthday is early Sept and he doesn't get to have a party at school, we decided to start celebrating half birthdays for school!!!!
Great part is that you get to have a cool cupcake in honor of yourself! Love it!

1 box of Butter Yellow Cake Mix
1 tub of Creamy Milk Chocolate Frosting
a little tub of white cake decorating gel
Sprinkles for a splash of fun!!!!

Followed the directions for cupcakes and decorated.

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  1. I'm SO gonna do this!! My son's birthday is Dec 27 and he never gets a school party. Problem is, the half-year mark will always be June 27 when school's out again! LOL It will still work while he's in preschool though! I may have to modify it in later years to a 1/4 or 3/4 year cupcake! LOL GREAT IDEA BETH